Vertigo and Hearing Loss

Vertigo is the impression of spinning even though you are not moving. You may feel like the room around you is whirling around or may feel as though you yourself are going round in circles even though you and your surroundings are completely still in reality.

Hearing loss can also cause similar symptoms due to disruption in the ears which are responsible for maintaining your sense of balance. Furthermore, you may also have the additional sensation of ringing in the ears, known as Tinnitus as a result of hearing loss.

In case of feelings of vertigo or stuffiness within an airplane, you may benefit from the tips listed below to help ease your sense of discomfort.

  • Try swallowing. This can help clear the Eustachian tube to help stabilize your ear pressure. You can do this by chewing gum, eating a snack, or drinking water. You can also pretend to swallow using nothing but air.
  • You can attempt to induce a yawn by widely opening your mouth and inhaling through your mouth so that you have a fresh supply of oxygen that can help you relax.
  • You can blow your ears by breathing in, pinching your noise with your thumb and index finger, closing your mouth and forcing air out of your ears upon exhalation. This can also ease your sense of discomfort.