The Noisiest Jobs

When we think of the noisiest jobs throughout the globe, some obvious answers come to mind. We may think about construction workers, those in the mining industry, or even ground staff at airports. However, orchestral musicians, dentists, and even bartenders make it on the list of the noisiest jobs!

People who work in noisy environments often have extended amounts of exposure time to unsafe levels of noise. It is this level of exposure to such loud noise that can lead to hearing loss. Any sound levels above 80dB are found deemed unsafe for human hearing. Workers in the construction industries and mining industries often face hearing loss since their jobs often result in noise levels that rise above 125dB.

Generally speaking, high risk jobs that are prone to hearing damage always provide hearing protection for their employees. This includes ear muffs or ear plugs that are provided by employers to safe guard the hearing of their employees. These work environments must provide mandatory hearing protection for their staff, which is why it is important to talk to your employer about getting hearing protection if you feel that your workplace is excessively noisy.

It is important to remember that a busy office full of ringing phones and chattering people does not consist as a “high risk” job that requires auditory protection. Even though such crowded offices may be annoying and may even cause hearing loss over time, you can choose to bring your own auditory protection in these settings since desk jobs generally do not warrant the need of mandatory hearing protection to be provided by employers.

Servers and bartenders face noise levels as high as 110dB each day. Even though this is the case, bars are not required to issue hearing protection to these employees. The same is true for musicians and dentists.

Thankfully, those in the construction, mining, and airport ground staff are provided with auditory protection since their jobs often involve noises that rise beyond 120dB on a daily basis.

Your hearing health is your responsibility, so always engage in auditory protection whenever you feel you are being exposed to unsafe levels of noise. You can download applications on your smart phone to see whether the noise level at your workplace rises above the recommended 80dB level. You can bring along your own personal pair of earplugs to you and wear them while you are at work. Hearing loss is irreversible, thus hearing protection is the best way to ensure you can enjoy your hearing for all your years to come.