The Importance of Hearing

Take a moment to think about all the glorious sounds that you are enveloped by each day; the tinkling of a stream, the chirpy song of a bird, the gleeful laugh of a child, and your favorite song on the radio. Each of these sounds transforms life into a melodious experience.

The sense of hearing is imperative to enjoy each of these hearing experiences, and without it we find ourselves unable to communicate effectively with the world around us. Our sense of hearing helps us detect and avoid danger, as well as take appropriate actions to keep others out of harm’s way.

We often take our hearing for granted and do not even realize that we are facing any difficulty until the impairment has progressed to a significant stage. It is common to miss out on a couple of words here and there in daily conversations, but over time, when even simple sounds become difficult to decipher, be it the sound of an alarm, telephone or doorbell, it is time to stop and pay attention. Hearing loss may first come as a shock to many, and several may be in denial initially. A variety of emotions, ranging from stress to sorrow can leave you feeling exhausted and frustrated at the constant pressure of requiring increased efforts to follow simple conversations. Untreated hearing loss can result in significant mental health ailments such as anxiety, social isolation, and depression.

The good news is that hearing loss need not stop you from leading a meaningful life. Advancements in technology have resulted in a number of hearing aid products that can help rectify your hearing difficulty and help you lead an optimally productive life. In order to rectify your hearing loss it is first imperative to identify your hearing impairment symptoms. Those with hearing loss tend to hear sounds in a duller, low volume and have difficulty deciphering specific words in a sentence. To the hearing impaired, it may feel as though everyone around them is mumbling. It may take time for hearing loss to become apparent and is most likely to become noticeable to others around you who may point it out to you. Your friends and loved ones may need to constantly engage in physical gestures to gain your attention, or constantly repeat conversations before you can understand what they are saying. Other signs, such as your inability to hear the doorbell, telephone or alarm, may be indicative of a hearing impairment. Often, it is detrimental not to have hearing loss, but to be unable to identify it in time. Take a moment to get your hearing tested today and address your hearing needs accordingly.