Restoration of Hearing in Chickens Gives Hope for Humans

Recent research from the Hearing Health Foundation has found that chickens as well as some other types of non-mammalian vertebrates have the unique capacity to regenerate damaged hair follicles within their ears, thereby restoring their damaged hearing. Researchers are currently exploring how this unique capacity can someday be cultivated so that it can be put to use to restore the hearing of several people who suffer from hearing loss worldwide.

The Hearing Health Foundation is currently collaborating with the the Hearing Restoration Project (HRP) so that scientists from ten different institutions can work together to explore how chickens can regenerate hair follicles and develop medications that simulate this regeneration in humans.

A researcher at the University of Washington, Ed Rubel who is also a member of the HRP, felt that it is important that people work together to develop a solution to the hearing problem through the exchange of information.

The scientists have set forth a ten year target to successfully develop a human equivalency of hair follicle regeneration within the ears. This task is challenging and requires extensive amounts of diligence and focus. We live in hope that with appropriate funding as well as support, this breakthrough method will someday be widely available to alleviate the hearing problems of those suffering from hearing loss.