Hearing Loss in Obese Teenagers

The two common causes that lead to hearing loss are aging and prolonged exposure to noise. Other factors that can lead to hearing impairment can include frequent infections within the ear, ototoxic medications (like Ibuprofen, Naproxen, or Aspirin), untreated ear or head trauma, and other medical ailments such as cardiovascular disease, Meniere’s disease, or Alzheimer’s disease.

A study by Columbia University Medical Center recently found that adolescents who are obese can go on to develop hearing loss later in their lifetime. Around 1500 adolescents were included in the study, ranging from ages between 12 to 19 years. Results found that teenagers that suffer from obesity are twice more susceptible to developing single sided hearing loss especially in the lower frequency, when compared to teenagers who were of average or slim body weight.

Hearing loss that occurs in low-frequency can hamper a person’s ability to decipher sounds within loud environmental settings such as social gatherings or large crowds. Obesity can lead to the damage of organs resulting from inflammation, which in turn can cause hearing loss. It is important to encourage teenagers to lead a healthy lifestyle to prevent the onset of hearing loss later in life.