Hearing Aids that Keep You Healthy

Hearing aid technology has improved in leaps and bounds in modern times. With every new development comes the exciting opportunity of using your hearing aids in more ways than mere hearing devices. With hearing loss being the third most common health ailment in America, this news brings a ray of hope to us all.

The problem with a long life expectancy in countries such as the United States is that we tend to have more people living long into their late seventies and eighties. The problem with this is that the older you get, the higher your chances are of developing hearing loss. People who are older than 75 years of age have a whopping 50% chance of having hearing loss. So far, the number of those affected by hearing loss is currently around 37.5 million adults.

Modern hearing aids have the same level of efficiency as any other fitness device in the market today. They have a pedometer, a heart rate and blood pressure monitor, the level of oxygen in your blood, and can even track the number of calories you have burned each day.

With so many facilities, hearing aids can almost serve as your very own personal trainer, situated snugly and discreetly in your ears! The added benefit of using hearing aids is that they also help eliminate the effects of tinnitus and also, quite obviously, help you hear better.

You no longer need to invest in a huge number of fancy gadgets and hi-tech devices to help keep you fit. All you need are your hearing aids, which you would be wearing all the time in any case. This makes them handy since you do not need to remember to carry any extra device when you go out.

If you are not all that into fitness, you can even use your hearing devices to simply rock out to your favorite melodies! Using Bluetooth streaming, you can stream calls and even songs directly onto your hearing aids from your smartphone. So that means that your personal audio device may have also just lost its job! With so many wonderful facilities to help keep you fit and connected, it may be time for you to schedule that appointment with your audiologist to see how you can make the most out of hearing aids.