Health and Hearing

The world of sound is often only appreciated until you can no longer hear it. Hearing not only affects your communication but also has significant impacts on your physical health. A primary function of having proper hearing is to maintain proper balance and poise.

In order to get anywhere it is imperative to be able to move with accuracy and refinement. Your ears play a vital role in maintaining this stability since the vestibular system, which comprises of your inner ear, brain, eyes, and muscles are responsible for maintaining a sense of equilibrium. The small, delicate structures within your inner ear are known as semicircular canals. They are filled with fluid that moves with each movement of your head, and are responsible for the regulation of balance. Tiny hair cells known as stereocilia are lined within the semicircular canals and the movement of the fluid within them stimulates the hair cells to generate electrical signals that are sent directly to your brain.

Hearing loss can cause significant disturbance to this sense of equilibrium due to the damage to the stereocilia cells which lead to a dysfunction to various aspects of the vestibular system. This loss of equilibrium can result in physical injuries such as falling, vertigo, dizziness, and nausea.

People with inexplicable lack of coordination or balance may be suffering from hearing loss. Get your hearing evaluated by a professional audiologist to determine the cause of your problems today and learn effective ways in treating it so that you can go back to enjoying your life to the fullest.