Children can Benefit from Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is the third most widespread health condition in America. Out of every 1000 infants, 3 are born either completely deaf or have some type of hearing impairment. Some children may not be born with hearing loss but develop it as they grow older as a result of infections of the ear or prolonged exposure to unsafe levels of sound.

The ability to process sound is fundamental in the healthy growth and development of every child. This is why it is important to treat hearing loss the moment your child is diagnosed with it. You have several modes of treatment available at your disposal, such as hearing aids, cochlear implants, and even speech therapy.

As a child grows, it is vital for them to interact effectively with their environment in order to learn about the world around them through language and verbal communication. This ability is hampered if hearing loss comes into play. Hearing skills are important in building and maintaining friendships, in academic success, and in learning about the world in general.

A majority of children have been found to have a significant improvement in their ability to hear through the use of hearing aids. In severe cases, cochlear implants may be recommended. A simple hearing examination can help determine how severe your child’s hearing loss is and what the appropriate mode of treatment should be.

Hearing aids are often the treatment of choice when it comes to tackling hearing loss in most children. Usually, the behind-the-ear (BTE) models are chosen for children because they are more comfortable and easy to replace once your child outgrows them. The BTE’s are also far safer since they are more snugly fitted into your child’s ears. They are also more popular amongst children because they are available in a wide range of colors.

Don’t forget to attend follow up sessions with your audiologist once you get your child fitted with hearing aids. These visits can help your audiologist adjust the hearing aid settings to suit your child’s specific hearing needs. Hearing aids can truly help get your child’s life back on track so that they can make the most of their vital years while growing up.