The Powerful Choice For Your Super Power Users

ReSound Magna

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The Powerful Choice For Your Super Power Users

Having a severe or profound hearing loss presents significant challenges for hearing in daily life. This is why we’ve developed ReSound Magna™ – a powerful, digital super power BTE – to maximize audibility and reduce stress in everyday listening situations.

ReSound Magna is one the most powerful BTEs in the market, providing more amplification in the situations where you need it the most. Thanks to the excellent feedback suppression system DFS Ultra, ReSound Magna will keep the power level high without annoying feedback.

More of what drives them forward

ReSound Magna includes the latest technology to improve hearing in multiple listening environments.

  • More gain without feedback. Up to 144 dB SPL maximum power output and 86 dB maximum gain, combined with DFS Ultra™ to offer more stable gain.
  • Great sound quality and speech understanding. Surround Sound by ReSound™ offers Adaptive Directionality with Integrated Wind Noise Management™ and NoiseTracker™ II.
  • Optimized, high-frequency hearing. New Sound Shaper™ technology makes inaudible sounds audible through frequency compression with minimal distortion.
  • Easier adaptation and personalized fitting. Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC) and linear amplification schemes, as well as fine-tuning options in Aventa fitting software support super power fitting strategies.
  • Attractive, ergonomic and durable. Nanocoated with iSolate™ nanotech from the inside out, and optimized for size, design and robustness.

More gain without feedback

ReSound Magna is purpose-built with power in mind and specifically designed to address the power needs of the super power user—from the ergonomic design to the compact positioning and integration of all the hearing aid’s components. The result: 144 dB SPL MPO and up to 86 dB maximum gain, with virtually no distortion of the amplified sound. In addition, ReSound Magna utilizes ReSound’s industry-leading DFS Ultra with built-in Whistle Control to combat static and dynamic feedback – even in the most challenging situations.

Great sound quality and speech understanding

People with severe or profound hearing loss often strain to hear and understand speech, especially in noisy environments. To assist super power users in overcoming these challenges, ReSound Magna features Surround Sound by ReSound – a processing strategy designed to amplify sound, while at the same time mimicking the characteristics of natural hearing. This results in the wearer experiencing full, rich and detailed amplification with great sound quality. ReSound Magna also features Adaptive Directionality with Integrated Wind Noise Management to help wearers hear speech more easily in noisy environments. Reducing wind noise also increases the wearer’s comfort, enabling them to be more active outdoors.

Optimized, high-frequency hearing

People with severe to profound hearing loss typically have difficulty hearing the subtle, often high-frequency speech cues that are important for speech understanding. In order to provide improved audibility, ReSound Magna comes equipped with a new frequency compression algorithm – Sound Shaper. Sound Shaper remaps the high frequency sounds to a lower frequency region. This provides improved audibility without impacting sound quality.

Sound Shaper helps the ReSound Magna wearer with many different sounds:

  • High-frequency fricative sounds like “S” and “Th”
  • Stop consonants like P, T and K
  • Environmental sounds, such as birds chirping
  • Children’s voices

Easier adaption and personalized fitting

Adapting to new amplification can be a lengthy and challenging process for your patients. To address this issue, ReSound Magna offers a range of different features to assist super power users in adjusting to the new amplification.

Aventa® with Audiogram+

The Aventa fitting software provides all relevant fitting rationales for fitting individuals with severe-to-profound hearing losses. This includes the NAL-RP fitting rule - the benchmark for prescribing gain for severe to profound hearing losses - as well as the ReSound proprietary Audiogram+.

WDRC and linear amplification schemes

For super power users accustomed to non-linear amplification, ReSound Magna includes the option of WDRC, which provides higher audibility for the soft sounds resulting in optimum speech intelligibility. ReSound Magna also offers linear amplification to deliver as much power as possible, thereby meeting the needs of many super power users accustomed to this amplification strategy. You can select between soft or hard peak clipping – to limit output and ensure your super power users get the perfect result.

  • Soft-peak clipping provides fast attack times to give super power users a controlled high output, while at the same time allowing them to enjoy a smoother, more comfortable sound
  • Hard-peak clipping is the choice for super power users who want the most power. It offers a sound experience close to traditional peak clipping, but with less distorted sound quality

Attractive, ergonomic and durable

Your super power users depend on their hearing aids for everyday communication, which means their devices must be reliable. ReSound Magna features an all-new design that is purpose-built to withstand all the challenges of daily use and more. It is fully nanocoated from the inside out with iSolate nanotech – a superior, long-lasting treatment that makes ReSound Magna highly water repellant. ReSound Magna’s improved daily advantages, including the ergonomic and robust design, are quickly appreciated by wearers.

Technology ReSound Range™ II chip Available
Sound Quality Surround Sound by ReSound™
WARP™ compression - number of bands 9
DFS Ultra™ with built-in Whistle Control
Sound Shaper™
Performance in noise Adaptive Directionality w/Integrated Wind Noise Management™
Fixed Directionality
Noise Tracker™ II
Ease of use Telecoil
Direct Audio Input
Flexible fitting Linear mode (soft/hard peak clipping)
Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC) 9
Multi-channel MPO
Gain handles 6
Programs Up to 4
In-situ Audiometry™
ReSound Magna ReSound Magna™
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