A Unique Surround Sound Experience

ReSound Live

ReSound Live - Williamsville and Tonawanda, NY

A Unique Surround Sound Experience

Just like going from a set of stereo speakers to a fully customized surround sound system, ReSound Live™ hearing aids deliver a unique surround sound experience. With a greater sense of awareness—of being there—you’ll enjoy fuller, richer and more detailed sound quality. You’ll be able to locate where sounds are coming from more easily and enjoy conversations even in noisy environments. Experience sounds the way they were meant to be heard with ReSound Live™ hearing aids. Sounds in full detail. Sounds in surround.

At the core of ReSound Live hearing aids is our exclusive surround sound processing platform. Just like a surround sound speaker system, it processes bass and treble separately, providing a rich, smoothly-blended listening experience.

What does it offer?

  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Clearer understanding of speech and conversation in noisy situations
  • Improved awareness of surroundings
  • Enhanced ability to locate sounds

Unique features:

  • Multiple options available for manual control in specific performance situations
  • Exclusive receiver-in-ear BTE hearing aids provide full control in compact, energy-efficient size
  • 176 hours (size 312 battery) to 330 hours (size 13 battery) of battery life
  • BTE hearing aid models available: receiver-in-ear (RIE), mini, standard, power
Features ReSound Live™
Series Control Series
Listening environments Quiet
Levels of hearing loss Mild to profound
Color choices 14
Wind noise reduction Yes
Volume control Yes
Program button Yes
Battery size 13
Battery life (hours) 330
Processing 17-band Warp™ (9 handles)
Programs 4 customizable
Directional choices Softswitching™
Directional beam widths AutoScope Narrow
Environmental Optimizer Styles Behind-the-ear
Custom in-the-ear
Feedback suppression DFS Ultra with integrated WhistleControl™
Telecoil Yes
EchoStop Yes
DataLogging Onboard Analyzer™ II
ReSound Live 61 ReSound Live 61
ReSound Live 70 ReSound Live 70
ReSound Live 71 ReSound Live 71
ReSound Live 81 ReSound Live 81
ReSound Live Remote Microphone ReSound Live Remote Microphone
ReSound Live Custom ReSound Live Custom
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